If you want to know what I’ve done professionally, you can look at my résumé or my portfolio pages. If you want to know something about me beyond all that, read on.

First and most critically, I’m a husband and father. I won’t say much about my family here other than to say that they’re the single most important part of my life, and the reason I do pretty much anything else.

I’ve always been a writer, whether I’ve been actively working on a project or not. Part of this is because I’m an avid reader, and love to get lost in a really good story. I’ve written novels, plays, short stories and other creative works. The other part is that I love to use narrative to show others what I think is important (or amusing or terrible or spiritually uplifting) about the world and the flawed people who inhabit it.

I’ve also always been a musician, playing instruments (brass and stringed) and singing my entire life. I spent over a decade singing competitive a cappella music in choruses and quartets. Lately, my musical outlet has been primarily through musical theater and in church. It’s no coincidence, in my mind, that many hymns have both four parts and four verses.

On top of all that, I have some other hobbies and interests. I love both hiking and geocaching, and I enjoy all of the shooting sports. Power tools thrill me. I actually enjoy any kind of home improvement work, or set construction, or any kind of work that builds blisters and calluses. When you’re essentially a desk jockey for a living, it’s good to get your hands dirty from time to time.

That’s me a nutshell. Need more information about me? Go ahead and contact me.