Drop House, a novel by David Baker

Drop House, a mainstream thriller, is 138,000 words. The story dives deep into the dangerous, shadowy world of human smuggling, the illegal arms trade and cartel-related kidnappings. Set against the backdrop of Arizona’s controversial anti-illegal-immigration legislation, DROP HOUSE depicts the real-life violence that threatens residents of Arizona and the other states along America’s southern border.

In the story, two ordinary citizens join forces to help a teenaged girl from Mexico who has crossed the border illegally in search of a better life for her family. These everyday Americans are forced to defend themselves and others against the ruthless criminal organizations that endanger the residents of our southern border states.

In addition, without getting overtly preachy or political, the story touches on other hot topics:

  • The horrifying and well-documented mistreatment of illegal immigrants at the hands of their smugglers
  • The environmental impact of illegal smuggling operations on Arizona’s deserts
  • How the twin crimes of human and drug smuggling support each other, and the detrimental effect of illegally imported drugs on America’s families
  • The futility of so-called “gun-free zones” in protecting America’s school children
  • The importance of teaching safe firearm handling to both children and adults

I was prompted to write this book after personally witnessing the effects of illegal immigration in my home state. Several plot elements also came directly from the “war stories” of friends and family members in law enforcement close to the action on the border. Additional information came from civilians who conduct regular patrols in areas not far south of Phoenix. These volunteers do important work the federal government refuses to do, putting their lives on the line each time they head into the desert to intercept dope (up to 500 pounds at a time), interdict groups of human and drug smugglers, and dismantle spotters’ nests.

In spite of claims by the Department of Homeland Security that the southern border is “more secure than ever,” those on the front lines know better. Selective enforcement of our existing immigration laws have only served to make matters worse. Current efforts in Congress to pass “comprehensive immigration” make this story very topical and extremely relevant.

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